Little Waste Co really delivers!


We had very competitive pricing for our waste services but Josie still managed to reduce costs and make long term/ongoing savings. She was able to identify issues in our waste system we didn’t know we had and guided us through a comprehensive step by step implementation process, which has meant we have been able to make changes without taking too much time or causing staff confusion.


We now have a waste management system to be proud of, one worth promoting to the local community. Overall partnering with Little Waste Co has been an effective and positive experience giving us outcomes we were unaware existed.

Michael - Owner

IGA Chapman


Little Waste Company has made a significant difference to our hospitality business. We’ve seen a remarkable 51% weekly decrease in our waste management bills which has translated into better practice for our industry, better practice for our business and better practice of our staff. 


Being a customised, business specific plan, Josie and her team are able to capitalise upon their in-depth knowledge of the often confusing business of waste management systems. 


They were able to look at all current systems, procedures and contractor agreements and then upon assessment, were able to establish a more focused and systemised approach, align policy and procedures and negotiate better contractor terms.  For as we know, when we’re caught up in our core business, the attention to the finer details of waste management can sometimes go amiss and often we think that it’s fine and we’re doing the right thing. However with the staggering cost savings to the business and in the reduction to local landfill, we have found that a waste management audit has proven to be one of the best strategic business decisions that we have made.

Tracey Keeley - Managing Director

ACT Business Women of the Year 2018



Josie helped fix waste issues we didn’t know we had, her knowledge and creativity in the waste area is second to none. She was extremely easy and flexible to work with and she provided solutions that were both practical and feasible. In addition, we reduced our weekly waste costs by over 50% which will result in a significant annual saving. Engaging Little Waste Co was well worth it, especially as society attitudes to waste management is changing, I highly recommend Josie for any business.

Alan - Centre Manager

Possum Magic


Little Waste Co reduced our waste associated costs by almost 50% in the last year, which was very beneficial to our bottom-line and Josie was great at finding waste solutions within our budget.  The service has also made our staff more waste aware and we are continuing to improve.  I highly recommend Josie, she has the right combination of knowledge and enthusiasm and is a pleasure to work with.

Pene Lowe - Owner

Hansel & Gretel

hansel gretel.png

With Josie’s vision and passion, we have been able to make many changes to the way that rubbish is sorted and disposed of.  She gently guided us with informative practices that were practical and easy to put into place across a school of 650 students.  She has organised posters, displays, eco educational tours, certificates and regularly updates us with information.  The school is now well on the way to being more efficient with recycling and the reduction of rubbish.  We have a plan moving forward to establish new gardens and to begin composting food scraps.  None of this would have happened without Josie’s careful guidance and commitment to caring for our environment, something we value very highly.

Merinda - Professional Practice Specialist

Holy Family Primary School


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