LITTLE WASTE CO envisions a future where businesses and organisations treat their waste, not as  “rubbish” but as a valuable resource. Through providing consulting services Little Waste Co will guide business on how to manage their waste in a way that is beneficial for both the businesses’ budget and the environment.

Little Waste Co sees itself as part of a future where everyone has a roll to play to protecting the environment.  A future where all people and organisations view themselves as custodians of the planet and act on their responsibilities to preserve it.

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 Little Waste Co is owned and managed by Josie Grenfell. Josie is a skilled and knowledgeable waste consultant with strong links to the Canberra and surrounding region waste management community.  She has an in-depth knowledge of specific waste streams and determination to go above and beyond to find innovative solutions for all waste needs.


Josie possesses a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Western Sydney as well as a Masters from Sydney University.  Josie has over 15 years’ experience as manager with the NSW State Government.  In the past seven years Josie has been responsible for overseeing a number of waste management projects in the healthcare industry and more recently she has provided waste management consultancy to local schools and businesses.


Josie has extensive experience in facilitating education and a strong ability to work with teams to achieve outcomes.   She believes, many people working together towards a common goal can accomplish great things.  Little Waste Co is more than stock standard advice, it is a holistic service delivered by someone with passion and enthusiasm do to the right thing for the planet and your business.  

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Alliance Bank Do Good Awards Finalist 2019